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You are not limited to "standard" sizes for any project you order. The products below are some popular sizes. You can create your own unique jobs by contacting our office.

Select a popular size below and upload your file to customize or contact our office for a custom size.

Brochure Bi-Fold 8" x 9"

Folded to 4x9

Brochure Tri-Fold 11" x 8.5"

Folded to 3.625x11

Brochure Bi-Fold 11" x 8.5"

Folded to 5.5x8.5

Brochure Bi-Fold 14" x 9"

Folded to 7x9

Brochure Tri-Fold 17" x 11"

Folded to 5.625x11

Brochure Bi-Fold 17" x 11"

Folded to 8.5x11